Thursday, January 12, 2012


As far as we can discern, the sole purpose
of human existence is to kindle a light in
the darkness of mere being.

- Carl Jung

This blog is currently under construction although working links are slowly being added to the Table of Contents at right.

Please be patient during the construction period.

Thank you.

This blog will feature the work of Jungian analysts and approaches that can be applied to understanding and integrating psychotic experiences. I'll be sharing a number of articles I've found helpful in addition to my own notes from a series of free podcasts offered by Jungian analyst, John Betts. When possible, I'll try to incorporate specific examples or include links in my notes that can help readers see how Jungian concepts can be used to help them interpret, integrate and move on from their own fragmentation experiences.

By no means should anything on this blog be considered an end point, rather, it's a place you might begin. I am not a Jungian analyst nor have I worked with any. Everything I share on this blog (or my other blogs) is shared from the position of peer; my own breakdown occurred several years ago.

If you feel it might be to your benefit to work with a Jungian analyst I suggest you make use of a good search engine to see if you can locate any in your area. If none are available locally it might also be possible for you to arrange to work with one by distance.

I hope you enjoy the Jung podcasts which have been graciously offered to those interested in Jungian Psychology as well as the articles I've gathered here. In all cases, I have tried to link to the original on the net. Please contact those authors/analysts directly if you feel their efforts have helped you.

~ Namaste